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Next generation record keeping of all your farming activities​

Land Diary is a contemporary record-keeping tool that enables you to effortlessly monitor your farming activities. It is easy to navigate and can be used on any smart device with or without internet access. This revolutionary cloud-based tool stores data using a universal digital language which ensures data entry consistency and seamless integration of information.

Visualisation and reporting

Land Diary’s visualisation and reporting functions are the farmer’s window to data-driven decision-making. With these powerful tools, farmers can gain deep insights into their operations, from crop health trends to resource utilisation. The ability to export reports to PDF further enhances the utility of these insights, making it easy to share and collaborate with stakeholders. In a world where informed decisions are the bedrock of successful farming, Land Diary empowers farmers with the data they need to thrive.

Visualise monitoring data
Inspect trends
Comprehensive PDF reports

Work smarter. Save time.
Unlock your farm’s full potential.

Modern technology to
empower your farming.

Land Diary’s PWA (Progressive Web App) is a game-changer for farming. It works offline, allowing farmers to use their phones in the field to monitor activities, record data, and manage operations without needing a constant internet connection. When internet access is available, the app effortlessly syncs data to the cloud, ensuring that valuable insights are never lost. It’s the perfect blend of mobile convenience and offline reliability for modern agriculture.

Launch Pricing

R 850 **Base fee per farm per month
  • R12.00 per month per planting
  • R50 per additional user

Illustrative values

Farm 1

R 994 Monthly
  • 12 Plantings per farm
  • 0 additional Users

Farm 2

R 1490 Monthly
  • 45 Plantings per farm
  • 2 additional Users

Farm 3

R 2720 Monthly
  • 135 Plantings per farm
  • 5 additional Users

Farm 4

R 4250 Monthly
  • 250 Plantings per farm
  • 8 additional Users